Valentines Bar

A tipple for every occasion

Listen out for the distinct Cuckoo call when the clock strikes 5pm. But why wait until five, it's always time for Champagne at Valentines Bar.

Whether your tipple of choice is a perfectly mixed Kaleidoscope G&T, a glass of sparkle or a long, cold pint of beer or Somerset cider, our bar is brimming full of banging beverages.

The vibe at Valentine’s is comfortable and casual, with soft sofas, cosy corners and some trademark statement artwork for a conversation piece.

Making the world a braver & fairer place

Founded in 2005 from a wind and solar powered art covered coffee cart, Mozzo is a group of people committed to sharing passion and knowledge for serving high quality, consistent and remarkable coffee experiences both in and out of home.

Building a solid business model to carry their vision forward, Mozzo set up the Community2Community Fund™ in 2015 and into it invest 1p per capsule, 1p per brew bag and 10p for every kg of coffee sold. Homewood has committed to donate 10p per coffee cup served to the C2C Fund™, the fund sets out to support the constructive progression of coffee farming communities.

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