December 2021 Blog

"The only way you can put your best foot forward is by being in the right frame of mind"


Exercise: Bear Hold Donkey kick
Targets: Great to add to any workout as a core workout warm-up exercise. Will work your: quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core.

a). Start on all fours, hands should be width apart placed directly under your shoulders. wrists and shoulders aligned, and knees under hips at 90 degrees.
b) Keep your back flat, push palms to floor and belly button into the spine - switching on and engaging your core, come onto your toes so your knees hover off the floor (1- 2inches).
c) Making sure your core is tight lift your right foot and, keeping that 90 degrees bend at the knee, kick your foot into the air, drive the foot to the ceiling, pause for 2 secs, and return to the bear position.

Repeat 10-15 times per leg.
1-3 rounds. 1 min break between rounds.

Remember: don’t arch your back, so really pull that belly button into your spine. Squeeze those Glutes/Bum muscles.


“Mums amazing Christmas Pudding”
It's time to get baking, you should have already made those Christmas cakes, but this amazing pudding is also a winner to make any time now before the big day.



Be Aware
: Early signs include fatigue, irritability, brain fog, sleepless nights, anxiety

and physiological changes in your body like higher blood pressure or weight gain.

Nourish Yourself: you need to view food both as an energy and a mood booster. Research food that can help you sleep better or that can increase energy levels. For example sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds contain tryptophan, the building block of serotonin which is a feel-good hormone.

Take a break: Intersperse work tasks with one minute of meditation or journaling, or go for a 5/10min walk, leaving your phone behind.

Preparation: take a few minutes at the end of the working day to get organised for tomorrow. Make lists so you can prioritise your jobs, that way you can rest and enjoy your evening property without stressing about the next day.


Exercise stresses your body and causes micro-tears in your muscle fibres. This is supposed to happen; the fibres fuse back together and form new muscle protein strands (or myofibrils), a process that leaves the muscles slightly bigger and stronger than it was before, making it more resistant to the same kind of damage - and the right recovery routine can fast-track your recharge.


The only way you can put your best foot forward is by being in the right frame of mind.

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