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Things to do in Bath

From the history of the streets to the beautiful landscape and the welcome retreat of your hotel, Bath is a city worth discovering.

Renowned for being a world heritage site and for its Thermae Spa, there is no place more historical or special than the city of Bath.

The first thought of many when discussing Bath is how it is full of contemporary culture, as well as heritage and history. A tourist destination even in Roman times, Bath was granted the Latin name of Aquae Sulis and is now a world heritage site and must-visit location for spa lovers around the world.

From independent shops and galleries, to museums, festivals, theatre and sports, when it comes to experiencing a bygone era and luxury hotels, Bath is a city that everyone must visit at least once.

Pulteney Weir

Built in the 1600s, Pulteney’s horseshoe weir was designed to prevent flooding and is now a tourist hotspot due to its prime location in the centre of the city. A stone’s throw from Bath Abbey, The Pulteney Bridge is one of only four bridges worldwide that can boast shops and eateries across both sides of its structure. Whether you long for a stroll, to shop or to simply absorb the atmosphere, the view from above the weir and from the bridge itself is one you won’t forget in a hurry. 

The Royal Crescent

Arguably the most famous site in Bath, the Royal Crescent’s foundation stone was first laid in 1767 and has attracted attention ever since. A world-renowned site, filming is not uncommon in the area and tourists flock to see this important representation of Georgian architecture. Surrounded by beautiful park space, many like to walk around and enjoy a picnic in this quieter area of the city. Bath was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1987, and this status was awarded in part due to the importance of The Royal Crescent and its history.

Bath Rugby

Founded in 1865, Bath Rugby is a staple part of life in the city and Somerset. If you don’t fancy a trip to The Rec to watch a game, televised rugby is always popular in the centre’s bars and pubs. Fixtures are updated regularly on the team’s website and attendees don’t need to support a team to watch a game – it’s a very friendly sport after all!

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths can be found at the heart of the city, and is a true draw for people all around the world when deciding to visit Bath. Boasting the incredible remains of what is believed to be one of the most important religious spas of ancient times, in Victorian times the baths were frequented by visitors from all over and still flows with hot water to this day. The Roman Baths attracts over one million visitors a year and shouldn’t be left off your itinerary of things to do while you are in Bath.

Bath Abbey

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Bath Abbey each year, but the consistent welcome to all remains the same; regardless of whether you enter the abbey as a pilgrim, regular worshipper or as a curious traveller, Bath Abbey offers beauty and tranquillity. While some visit due to religious reasons and others architectural, the music, prayer and impressive history is awe inspiring. Weddings, graduation ceremonies, celebration services – it all happens at the abbey and it can be found right next door to the Roman Baths.

Victoria Art Gallery

Named to celebrate her sixty-year reign on the throne, the Victoria Art Gallery is a popular public art museum in Bath that honours Queen Victoria and houses a vast collection of paintings, sculpture and decorative arts. Designed in 1897 and now a Grade II listed building in its own right, there are over 1,500 treasures and pieces of art contained within it, dating from the 17th century to the modern day. Victoria Art Gallery is less than 5 minutes from The Weir.

Fashion Museum Bath

The Fashion Museum holds a world-class collection of contemporary and historic dress, and is frequented by fashion students from around the country. Originally named The Museum of Costume, the museum has been in effect since 1963 and was founded by Doris Langley Moore, a designer, collector, writer and scholar. Housed in the Assembly Rooms building, which is owned by the National Trust, 100,000 people visit each year and enjoy the various displays of clothes and event dress up themselves!

The Holburne Museum

As well as its prestigious collection of art, The Holburne Museum also holds 4000 or so books. The focus of the collection is Sir William Holburne’s personal miscellanea, and as the collection is always expanding with new acquisitions each visit offers a rare glimpse into Georgian life in Bath. A mere 15-minute walk from Bath Spa train station, there’s no excuse to miss this view into the past or imagine what the surrounding streets once looked like upon your approach.

University of Bath

The university’s main campus is located on Claverton Down, approximately 1.5 miles from the centre of Bath. Nurturing students from many different disciplines, the campus was designed to be walkable in just fifteen minutes end to end. The University of Bath can trace its roots to a technical school established in Bristol in 1856.

Bath Spa University

Primarily based at Newton Park on Duchy of Cornwall land, Bath Spa University is ranked as one of the top five creative universities in the UK by Which’s student survey and enjoys a friendly rivalry with the University of Bath.

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