The 'No-Dig' Kitchen Garden

Follow our journey as we explore and discover all that is the 'no-dig' method of gardening, turning ten acres of disused land into a gardeners heaven.

Spearheaded by Chef-Gardener Darren Stephens.


Farming for flavour

It's hot, it's humid, it's harvest..

Blooms with a view

Flowers are abundant, growth is fast, harvests are more frequent

Tunnel vision

Time to broaden our horizons, why have one climate when you can have three?

When the sowing gets tough

The tough gets sowing.. He's gunna put this dream in motion

Chasing cardboard

Should he give up? Or should he just keep chasing cardboard..

To dig, or not to dig

That's the question chef-gardener Darren asked himself after agreeing to spearhead the project..

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